Ölz Meisterbäcker Eier aus Bodenhaltung
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Only barn eggs

Really good breads and cakes need really good ingredients. Alongside flour and butter these also include eggs. At Ölz our eggs come exclusively from certified barn hens. This makes Ölz the first Austrian bakery brand to guarantee the use of barn eggs!

Keeping chickens in cages has been banned in Austria since 2009. However, the use of cages is still permitted and continues to be the norm, particularly during processing. At Ölz we started to re-think long before this regulation appeared, and have been using free range eggs since 2005. Because in our opinion: anyone who reaps so many benefits from chickens should ensure that they are properly looked after. Of course, the change that has occurred at Ölz has also put additional pressure on suppliers over the last few years. This is because it is becoming important to an increasing number of people to have a clear conscience when they are enjoying their eggs and the pastries and cakes in which they are used.

Institutions such as KAN (Kontrollstelle für artgerechte Nutztierhaltung GesmbH) constantly check that the egg producers are complying strictly with the barn egg regulations. While we are on the subject of checks: at Ölz nothing is left to chance. All ingredients are painstakingly tested from the first step through the entire production process to the finished product. The Ölz quality management team works constantly to raise standards even higher and external testers appreciate this. It's not for nothing that the whole company has been awarded the highest IFS certification (IFS stands for International Food Standard).

Ölz Meisterbäcker Golden Eggaward

"The Golden Egg"

It is not only consumers and animal protection organisation "4 Pfoten" who welcome the change to "barn eggs" at Meisterbäcker Ölz. One of the leading international animal protection organisations, "Compassion in World Farming", also supports this step.

Ölz is Austria's first baked goods brand to guarantee that we use only barn eggs in all our products. In 2010 the master bakers at Ölz were proud to accept the coveted quality award "Golden Egg 2010". This prize recognises companies which use only certified eggs from alternative production methods.

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