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Responsibility for our environment


Ölz Energy Management Team

We at Ölz, market leader and Austrian family company, are keen to have a responsible relationship with the energy we use and aim to make an active contribution to climate protection.

An interdepartmental Ölz energy management team composed of committed Ölz employees is working to coordinate and implement targeted energy-saving measures in the most varied of areas within the company in order to be able to sustainably reduce energy usage.

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100% Fairtrade-certified cocoa

A recipe for fairness: As the number-one baked goods brand we, the master bakers at Ölz, insist on 100% Fairtrade-certified cocoa. After all, "baking with love" includes showing respect to the people who make it possible for us to make such delicious chocolatey goodies.

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Ölz Meisterbäcker klimaaktiv Projektpartner

official partner of the klimaaktiv climate initiative

We are engaged in the project partnership klimaaktiv run by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management. The initiative commits us to voluntarily achieving CO2 savings of 120 t of CO2 within 2 years through efficiency measures.

Ölz Meisterbäcker klimaaktiv Auszeichnung

"klimaaktiv 2017" climate protection award

Ölz was recently very pleased to be awarded the "klimaaktiv" climate protection award by the ministry thanks to such measures as:

* Energy savings in cooling technology through the use of recirculating coolers
* Replacing light bulbs with energy-saving bulbs including LED
* Energy savings in heating, ventilation and air conditioning through efficient energy distribution
* Use of efficient coolers in the IT server room

Energy Award 2011

The master bakers at Ölz are pleased to have been awarded coveted climate protection award “klima:aktiv”. The prize was awarded to the energy-saving plan at our Wallenmahd bakery:

* Expansion and optimisation of heat recovery technology
* Increase in storage volume
* Optimisation of hydraulics and improvement of control
* Efficient use of temperature levels

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Ölz Meisterbäcker VKW energieeffizient

Austria's 1st Energy Efficiency Network – goals exceeded!

At Ölz we save energy while we bake! As part of Austria's 1st Energy Efficiency Network, Ölz has been able to far exceed the goals set and achieve more than double the planned energy efficiency.

The network goals: 6% less energy and 6% lower CO2 emissions within 3 years. Ölz has been able to make a greater than average contribution to these goals which has pleased Bernhard Ölz, managing partner, enormously. " Through the use of comprehensive energy saving measures we have been able to increase our energy efficiency by 14.6% and to reduce our CO2 emissions by 14.7%.This means that we achieved significantly more than double the goals set by the network."More information about this project

The successful results of CO2 savings at Ölz over the last 3 years thanks to the implementation of the energy concept: savings of 1050 t CO2

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Ölz Meisterbäcker Verantwortung für unseren Planeten

Our planet – our future

We are all responsible for our planet. In order to be able to actively combat climate change we require a policy which is directed towards the future, setting clear goals for energy-saving and climate protection. This is why we master bakers at Ölz are supporting the WWF climate campaign for clear and binding climate targets! The 1st step has already been taken at the 2015 climate conference. Find out more here


Active climate protection

Sustainability and the protection of resources are central business objectives at Ölz. In collaboration with ARA (Altstoff Recycling Austria AG), we are pushing and practising the separate collection, recycling and disposal of packaging waste under the ARA system.

This active contribution to the protection of the environment has meant that Ölz was able to save 2.410 of CO2 in 2020 (2019:2.046 t of CO2 saved). This is roughly equivalent to the greenhouse gas emissions of 22.210.893 kilometers' worth of car journeys. The close collaboration between ARA and Ölz is also to the advantage of Ölz customers and consumers: they, too, are able to use ARA disposal facilities.

ARA is responsible for the efficient and cost-effective collection, disposal and recycling of all packaging material in Austria. Together with all its partners in Austria, ARA is able to save over 530,000 t of CO2 each year – an enormous success which can nevertheless still be improved.

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100% green power at Ölz

In choosing Ökostrom green power, we have chosen electricity generated sustainably in the Vorarlberg region as a way to make an active contribution to energy transition and climate protection.

We are all responsible for the future of our planet. Which is why we have decided to move to green electricity. We master bakers at Ölz, always choose regional products wherever possible. Vorarlberger Ökostrom green energy is 100% renewable energy primarily generated by water power. This produces no CO2 emissions. The origin and transmission of Ökostrom green power is also certified by TÜV Austria.

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