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Responsibility for our products

Ölz Meisterbäcker Milchkanne

Pure food

All of our delicious Ölz baked goods are made from the best ingredients.As company founder Rudolf Ölz said, "You'll only get something good out of the oven if you put something good into the dough." And the master bakers at Ölz continue to bake according to this principle today.

For example, at Ölz we use fresh milk in our baked goods making us unique in Europe. Powdered milk is normally used as standard in bakery and confectionery products because powdered milk is easy to process and can be stored and transported in a similar way to flour." We made a conscious decision to use fresh milk because we want to offer our consumers baked goods made with the best ingredients," says Bernhard Ölz, executive partner at the company, explaining the investment in an in-house fresh milk facility. Fresh milk is a nutritious and natural ingredient which is very demanding in terms of hygiene and storage. Consequently, Ölz had to invest in its own chilled circuit and additional refrigerated rooms in order to be able to use fresh milk in the production of Ölz Milk Rolls, for example.

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Ölz Meisterbäcker das goldene Ei 2010

Barn eggs

Ölz is Austria's first baked goods brand to guarantee that we use only barn eggs in all our products.In 2010 the master bakers at Ölz were proud to accept the coveted quality award "Golden Egg 2010" in recognition of this. more

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Ölz Meisterbäcker Qualität als Leitbild

Quality is our vision

The very best recipes, highest quality ingredients, exclusively barn eggs, no genetically modified ingredients, less than 1% trans fatty acids, comprehensive quality controls and the highest hygiene standards are the 7 quality commandments which the master bakers at Ölz follow in their daily work. more

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RSPO membership since 2014


Here at Ölz, our internal working group on sustainability has been working for several years now on the subject of palm oil.


The overwhelming majority of fats used at Ölz – over 80% – are liquid vegetable oils (rapeseed, sunflower, etc.) or butter. We only use palm oil when it cannot be replaced in the production process. Palm oil is a naturally solid fat, free from harmful trans fatty acids. The palm fats which we use are all carefully refined to ensure lower levels of 3-MCPD esters of fatty acids. There are no legally prescribed maximum values as yet. The EU is currently working on the issue, something which we welcome.

Ölz has been a member of the RSPO Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil since 2014. Ölz uses only RSPO-certified palm oil. 98% of the palm fat we use is already certified "segregated" (SG), the rest is certified "mass balanced" (MB).

The WWF agrees that palm oil in itself is not a "bad" oil. A larger proportion of the global requirement for vegetable oils can be supplied over a smaller area using palm oil but it must be cultivated in a manner which is ecologically, economically and socially sustainable. The Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) provides an important minimum standard for the cultivation of palm oil. Check our progress at www.rspo.org

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Ölz Meisterbäcker UTZ certified Kakao

UTZ-certified cocoa

When we buy our high-quality ingredients, we take care to ensure that they come from sustainable sources. We buy only 100% UTZ-certified cocoa for our baked goods.

UTZ-certified cocoa allows us to do this even for an ingredient that cannot be locally produced.
Buying UTZ-certified cocoa helps to ensure that the cocoa farmers are trained in sustainable cultivation techniques, increasing yields and consequently improving their income and quality of life.
The cocoa farmers and their plantations are visited regularly by independent experts in order to ensure the quality of certified cocoa. These regular inspections ensure better and constant quality over the long term.
These measures protect our natural resources and are one way to invest sustainably in environmentally friendly production.


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2019-02_VEÖ Logo

VEÖ membership

It's very important to us that we never stop grappling with nutritional issues. We have found an excellent platform on which to do this in the VEÖ, the official and recognised professional body of nutritionists in Austria. As a member of the VEÖ, the Austrian Association of Nutritionists, we have the opportunity to exchange ideas with experts on the subject of nutrition in order to be able to make a valuable contribution.

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