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Ölz Storage Tips

What should I do so that I can still enjoy the delicacies after a few days?
Here are a few tips from our master bakers:
  • For long-lasting enjoyment, please leave the products in the original packaging even after cutting or opening them for the first time and closethem again well (possibly with a clip).
  • Freezing baked goods: Freezing is ideal for longer storage. Freeze the baked goods as quickly and as freshly & as possible to -18 degrees. The packaging must be air-tight (if necessary, use a reusable plastic bag and seal it tightly). Bread can be kept frozen for about 4 months. To defrost, the baked goods need approx. 3-6 hours at room temperature, depending on their size. The easiest way is to let them defrost overnight. However, it is important that the baked goods are defrosted in their original packaging. If individual slices are taken out, then let them defrost covered, otherwise the slices can dry out.
Extra tip:
Sandwich, toast and sliced bread are ideal for freezing and can also be taken out in slices.
Defrost at room temperature for maximum enjoyment. If you are in a hurry, toast can also be toasted directly from the freezer.
  • When storing in bread boxes, it is important that the material is breathable or that the bread box has ventilation holes.
  • Bread boxes made of wood or stainless steel are good if the boxes can be closed but are not airtight. Air should be able to circulate well. Absolute cleanliness is necessary. It is best to wipe it out from time to time with a vinegar solution (1/10 vinegar, 9/10 water) and then let it dry thoroughly.
  • Stoneware pots (also known as clay pots or Roman pots) are equally suitable, provided the closure is air-permeable. It is best to place the baked goods with the cut surface facing downwards. Here too: remove old residues and crumbs and clean with a vinegar solution approx. every fortnight.
Additional tip:
All our baked goods can be briefly baked in the oven at 180 degrees for 3-5 minutes. This removes some of the accumulated moisture and gives our products a crispy, crunchy surface and an incredibly good smell!
And if there's ever anything left over, here are our delicious recipes for leftovers: