Ölz Vollkorn Soft Sandwich als Rainbow Sandwich
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Our Ölz products are 99.9% vegetarian. What that means exactly is answered in the following:

Which Ölz products are suitable for vegetarians?

All Ölz products with the exception of our Ölz Fruit Punch Doughnuts are suitable for vegetarian diets.

Why are the Ölz Fruit Punch Doughnuts not vegetarian?

Because we want our products to be as natural as possible, we only use natural dyes. Real carmine (natural animal colouring) is used for the glaze of the Fruit Punch Doughnuts. However, we are striving to find a natural, plant-based alternative here and deliberately avoid the use any synthetic azo dyes.

Are the emulsifiers used from vegetable or animal origin?
As a matter of principle, we only use vegetable-based fats, oils and emulsifiers for our Ölz products. The only exceptions are those products in which we process butter obtained from cow’s milk. In these cases, however, butter is clearly declared in the list of ingredients. We do not use animal fats either in the preparation of the dough or for greasing the baking trays and tins.