Ölz Mehrkorn Toast mit Putenfleisch
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Legal notice

Rudolf Ölz Meisterbäcker GmbH & Co KG
Achstraße 9, P. O. Box 150
6850 Dornbirn
Telephone: +43 5572 / 3840-0
Telefax: +43 5572 / 3840-111
E-mail: info@oelz.com

VAT registration number ATU 66838309
DVR-No.: 0006866
Commercial register number: FN 372703v
Court of jurisdiction: Landesgericht Feldkirch (Feldkirch provincial court)
Regulators according to E-commerce Act (ECG): Dornbirn Council
Chamber of Commerce membership: Vorarlberg Chamber of Commerce, professional group LG food trade, specialist representative food and luxury food industry (food industry)
Commercial regulations: Austrian Trade Regulations 1994 (GewO), which can be accessed at: 
Austrian Food Safety and Consumer Protection Act (LMSVG), which can be accessed at 
Austrian Food Code (ÖLMB), which can be accessed at


Business activities: food manufacture and distribution, in particular of baked goods, food trade
Shareholder: Ölz Management GmbH (FN 369424x)
Limited partner: Ölz Holding GmbH (FN 372179y)

Markus Stammen (CEO)
Paul Steyrer
Doris Wendel
Michael Tschütscher
Manuel Philipp
Walter Maurer

Ownership structure
Ölz Management GmbH: Bernhard Ölz (more than 25%), Florian Ölz MA (more than 25%)

Editorial policy
This website / newsletter serves as a general source of information on the baked goods and other products of Rudolf Ölz Meisterbäcker GmbH & Co KG and is aimed at customers, business partners, and other parties interested in baked goods. It also allows us to communicate with clients and business partners and contains related links to products and partners.

This legal notice is also valid for our social media profiles:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OelzMeisterbaecker
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/OelzMeisterbaecker

Legal notice
This website contains various data and information protected by copyright or trademark for the benefit of Rudolf Ölz Meisterbäcker GmbH & Co KG (hereinafter referred to as Ölz) or, in certain cases, of third parties. All rights reserved. The content of this website may not be copied or distributed in any format without the prior written permission of Ölz. Copying is permitted only as required by the technology used in browsers, insofar as such activity is not undertaken for commercial purposes, or if it is long-term copying for individual use.

The information contained on this website does not purport to provide advice on Ölz products and baked goods unless otherwise expressly mentioned.

The information on this website is updated and checked regularly. Notwithstanding our best efforts in that regard, we cannot guarantee absolutely that specific data remain current, complete or correct. Ölz assumes no liability for damages owing to erroneous, incorrect or incomplete content.

Please note that references or links to third-party websites do not imply any endorsement from Ölz.

Ölz shall not be held responsible for data or information held on such sites based such content. Ölz has no control over linked content. Ölz shall therefore not be held responsible for content that is unlawful or that breaches a statutory duty, or for damages arising from the use of linked content. Ölz shall use reasonable efforts to ensure that this website is accessible at all times, but shall not be held liable therefor.


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