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Truly sustainable

For over 85 years – now in the third generation – our family business Ölz der Meisterbäcker has been producing high quality baked goods for the Austrian and European market.

Sustainability is close to our hearts – the Ölz corporate strategy is long-term and value-oriented. We adopt sustainable practices and manage our resources prudently. These principles are firmly enshrined in our corporate values. This is how we lead our family business safely and responsibly into future generations. 

We bake with love. With love for our fellow humans, love for the products and love for the world we inhabit. We take responsibility in the areas of business, environment and society far beyond the legal requirements.

Bernhard und Florian Ölz

We want to use the resources that our Earth provides responsibly. Every individual person, and we as a company in particular, can contribute. We take a proactive approach because it is our responsibility how we leave the environment to the next generation.

Bernhard & Florian Ölz
Owner & Advisory Board

What does "truly sustainable" stand for?

Our products are more than just delicious – they are also truly sustainable. We firmly believe in the importance of every step we take towards a more sustainable future. We initiated "truly sustainable" to ensure that our commitment and values are communicated transparently.


The promise embodied in truly sustainable‘ is not just lip service, rather a firm commitment for us. We took this commitment to create a logo in the shape of a heart. Wherever this logo appears, it points to our sustainable approach in connection with the product. The direct reference emphasises the sustainable USP associated with every single product. A QR code is used to provide information about the commitment and all its initiatives and projects. After all, we are aware that sustainability is a truly multifaceted undertaking.

Our dedication to sustainability may well be due to our regional location and our roots as an Austrian family business. But it might just as well be down to the fact that we, wherever we can, use raw materials from the region such as Austrian alpine butter or fresh alpine milk to produce premium baked goods.

But that’s not everything – our products also reflect a commitment to sustainable nutritional issues. Whether it's 100% plant-based ingredients that help reduce the ecological footprint, a high fibre content for a healthy diet or the use of traditional sourdough for unrivalled flavours – we go the extra mile to promote sustainability in every conceivable way.

  • We care for the product
  • We care for the planet
  • We care for people

We make an active contribution to climate protection

A sustainable circular economy has positive effects on climate protection. The aim is to reuse and recycle the packaging materials. A key prerequisite for the circular economy is the ability to recycle packaging material. 


Recycle me!

By properly recycling plastics, you help to conserve resources and protect the environment.

What each and every one of us can contribute is the correct disposal of plastic packaging in the yellow garbage can or yellow bag. 

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As much as necessary, as little as possible

We use as little packaging material as possible. We have looked at the thickness and size of packaging film for the entire range of Ölz products and reduced these to the minimum necessary. We have also stopped using plastic blister packaging for our Ölz Milch Brötle Choco and Ölz Mini Schnecken Choco products. Where blister packaging is necessary, we look for more sustainable alternatives.


Food packaging

Which are the best packaging forms to protect our baked goods? What can we do with the empty packaging
And what does this have to do with sustainability
A whole lot ...

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ARA – the packaging cycle

In cooperation with ARA (Altstoff Recycling Austria), the separate collection, recycling and disposal of packaging waste is implemented by the ARA system. Together with ARA, Ölz der Meisterbäcker wants to raise awareness for ‘packaging’ as a resource.

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We act sustainably

The careful use of resources is a top priority for us. We preserve resources and treat our environment with respect. We accept our social responsibility out of love for our fellow humans.

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