Ölz Mehrkorn Toast mit Putenfleisch
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How can I give Ölz feedback on a product?

Send us an email.

Where do I find the nutritional value or calorie information of the Ölz products?

The nutritional value or calorie information for all Ölz products are listed with the respective product in the section "Products".

Use of vegetable and animal oils, fats and emulsifiers:

In principle only oils, fats and emulsifiers of vegetable origin are used in the production of the many Ölz products. The only exceptions to this rule are of course those products made using butter. You will find precise information about the ingredients of each individual Ölz product listed on the packaging.

Are there any Ölz products suitable for a vegetarian diet?

All Ölz products are suitable for an ovo-lacto vegetarian diet. The only exceptions are the Ölz Muffin Schulmaus with multicoloured sugar coated chocolate drops, these chocolate drops contain gelatine. And the Ölz Punsch Krapfen, they contain karmin. We are very committed to find vegetarian alternatives.

What vegan products does Ölz offer?

Ölz Puff Pastry Pretzels and all Ölz Toasting and Sandwich Breads (except Ölz Butter Toast) are made without animal ingredients, as well as the following Ölz sliced breads:

  • 400g Ölz Mühlviertler Finnenbrot (Mixed grain rye bread) 
  • 400g Ölz Mühlviertler Roggen Vollkornbrot (Wholegrain rye bread)
  • 450g Ölz Mühlviertler Dinkel-Vollkornbrot (Wholegrain Spelt Bread)
  • 450g Ölz Mühlviertler Körndlbrot (Rye bread with oats)
  • 500g Ölz Mühlviertler Weißbrot (White Bread)
  • 375g Ölz Mühlviertler Guten Abend Brot (Higher protein, lower carb bread)

They may, however, contain traces of milk as we also use milk products (e.g. butter, milk) as ingredients in our baked goods.

Where can I purchase a specific Ölz product?

A specific Ölz product may not be available in your nearby supermarket. Since trade determines where which product is used, we cannot, unfortunately, provide you with a product overview by supermarket.


Thank you for your interest in Ölz. Please complete our sponsoring form in "Contact – contact form". An employee will contact you. We ask you to understand that incomplete applications as well as requests by phone, mail or email cannot be processed.

Can I get Ölz products for testing free of charge?

Please understand that we do not send free sample products to consumers. We provide social facilities  with products regularly, however, to support socially weak persons.

Is it possible to get advertising materials from Ölz Meisterbäcker?

We are happy that our customers are not only convinced of our products but also enthusiastically collect Ölz advertising materials. Please understand, however, that we are unable to send out advertising materials due to the great number of requests.

Do you also offer direct shipping? Is it possible to order online?

Our production and shipping specialise in product sales via supermarkets. Our employees in the fresh service deliver fresh products right to the supermarkets every day. Therefore, please understand that we cannot directly ship Ölz products or sell them online.

I need more information about Ölz Meisterbäcker for work at school/university.

We receive large numbers of enquiries and unfortunately it is not possible to answer individual questions. We therefore ask that you do your research using the public information on our website.

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