Ölz Meisterbäcker Quality as a guiding principle
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Ölz's Guarantee of Quality

Nur wänn ma vorna b'm toag, eoppas guot's inä tuot, dänn kuot hinto, b'm ofa, eoppas guot's ussa.

Rudolf Ölz

"You'll only get something good out of the oven if you put something good into the dough."
Original quote: company founder Rudolf Ölz, Dornbirn/Vorarlberg

These are the words of my grandfather Rudolf Ölz, who founded the Ölz master bakery in Dornbirn over 75 years ago. And, just as he did, we at Ölz still consider the most important thing to be the best possible quality. The recipes which we have created and passed down are handed on from one generation of bakers to the next. Over 100 bakers, master bakers, confectioners and master confectioners ensure that the best ingredients are used and that the recipes and all quality guidelines are strictly followed.

In short:

Ölz master bakers know exactly how to make the best breads and cakes. That's why our products taste homemade. This love of baking has made Ölz the leading producer of baked goods in Austria.

Ölz Meisterbäcker hochwertige Zutaten

Quality at Ölz

Quality has many facets. At Ölz every one is important to us.

free range chickens

Free range eggs

Because good quality simply tastes better. Truly excellent baked goods require excellent ingredients. Along flour and butter, this very much includes the eggs. And we only use eggs from certified free-range farms. Ölz der Meisterbäcker is the first Austri...

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