Ölz Meisterbäcker mit hochwertigen Zutaten
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The 7 quality commandments

The best possible recipes

We make our cakes and breads using traditional, tried and tested recipes handed down over the years, continuously refined and improved by our bakers. This is why our products taste homemade.

The highest quality ingredients

We demand the very highest quality and freshness from our ingredients. In the bakery we will only use approved ingredients which meet all of our criteria.

Free-range eggs

We are the first international baked goods brand from Austria to use free-range eggs.

No genetically modified ingredients

We guarantee that no genetically modified ingredients are used in the production of any of our baked goods.

The most comprehensive quality control

We check our products from the ingredients to the finished product with the help of our experienced quality management team. The whole company is certified according to the highest IFS standard!

Trans fatty acid levels below 1.0 %

We guarantee that the trans fatty acid content in all Ölz products is less than 1.0 %. This means that our levels are significantly lower than the legal maximum of 2 % currently sought.

Highest standards of hygiene

On the subject of hygiene we also have the very highest standards. They start with special work clothes and finish with the use of clean-room technology.

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