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Quality at Ölz

Quality has many facets. At Ölz every one is important to us.

For us, quality begins with hygiene. This is the highest principle at Ölz. Anyone working with food has a particular responsibility towards their customers and we have always taken this responsibility seriously. Our staff receive regular and thorough training. Fresh air is only drawn in through special filters to prevent dust particles and bacteria from entering the bakery. Since we at Ölz put considerable value on manufacturing our products without preservatives, in 2008 we started up Europe's most state-of-the-art baking production line with clean-room technology, which produces our popular toast loaf.

Another major aspect of the Ölz philosophy is the reduction or avoidance of trans fatty acids. These are produced in the industrial hardening of fats and in heating oil to very high temperatures. In Austria there are currently plans to set an upper limit of 2 % for vegetable fats. At Ölz we have already reduced our overall trans fatty acid content to less than 1.2 % and we are working intensively to reduce this level still further.

Ölz Meisterbäcker Annelies Forer

"Only ingredients which meet our strict specifications are permitted in our baked goods. Our suppliers guarantee this in writing and we check it on site or through an external, accredited laboratory."

Mag. MSc (MCI) Annelies Forer
Head of Quality Management

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