Ölz Super Soft Sandwich kalt belegt
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Eating habits

We care deeply about the wide variety of eating habits and offer products that cater to different preferences. From vegan and vegetarian options to products based on spelt, diversity is engrained in our DNA. The painstaking selection of high-quality ingredients and our modern baking lines enable us to offer a variety of baked products that accommodate different dietary styles.


Vegetarisches Ölz Dinkel Toast - Quadratisch


Spelt has been used throughout all of history and provides many valuable nutrients. It is an ideal cereal for people who value their health and pay attention to what they eat. What is more, spelt is a perfect alternative to wheat products.

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Many baked goods from Ölz Meisterbäcker are naturally vegan and therefore ideal for a vegan diet . We mark all of these Ölz products with the internationally recognised Vegan label.

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Ölz Eiweißbrot vegetarisch belegt - Quadratisch
Ölz Vollkorn Soft Sandwich als Rainbow Sandwich Picknick - Quadratisch


Whether it is animal welfare, personal health or environmental aspects – people are motivated to adopt a vegetarian diet for different reasons. Our Ölz baked goods are 99.9% vegetarian, with the exception of our Ölz Punsch Krapfen, and are therefore suitable for a vegetarian diet .

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Our responsibility

At Ölz Meisterbäcker, we carry significant responsibility for each of our products. Our products build on a careful selection of sustainable raw materials. We also promote varied nutritional practices that meet the individual needs and preferences of our consumers. What is more, we are committed to promoting food responsibility - by providing transparent information and supporting various initiatives.

  • Raw materials
  • Food responsibility
  • Animal welfare

Truly sustainable

Sustainable practices are firmly anchored in our corporate values, as is the mindful use of resources. We take responsibility in the areas of business, environment and society far beyond the legal requirements.