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Responsibility for our employees

Our employees are the key ingredient of any successful business. It is therefore of utmost importance to us that our employees are supported through in a variety of ways - e.g. family & sports programmes, health campaigns, training opportunities, a balanced diet and regular discussions. The long-term loyalty to the company shown by many of our employees shows that we are on the right path.


We love diversity

The importance we place on diversity can be seen in our vision:
“We believe that businesses with a mixed team of men and women, young and old, Austrians and non-Austrians make us more successful in the market. Ölz der Meisterbäcker believes in diversity”, says Bernhard Ölz, Managing Director and owner.

Ölz employees people from more than 40 different countries.

Ölz receives prize for integration: Integration by leaning together.
For its project “German in the workplace - we understand!”, the family-run business Ölz was awarded the Vorarlberg Integration Award 2017 in the large company category.

This project provides help to production assistants for their linguistic integration. This helps us all work better together and takes place in small groups in during working hours in collaboration with VHS Götzis and Capito Deutschkurse. A learning platform is also available that additionally provides company documents in easy to understand language. This platform comprises course contents with learning quizzes along with a constantly growing Ölz dictionary along with familiar images.

5 members of staff are currently involved with developing assistants to turn them into specialists. Ölz has also been providing support for many years to the START (the START grants programme) integration project.

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Weiterbildungsmöglichkeiten und Trainee-Programme

Further training and apprenticeship programme

Our employees are a key component of an company. This includes their expertise and motivation. Individual internal and external training programmes give our employees the opportunity to learn more about what interests them.

Training on offer includes both personal and professional development courses. Our specialists and leadership team are committed to supporting employees looking to continue their education and complete an apprenticeship.

Since 2009, our family business has also given apprentices the opportunity to become specialists in the fields of food technology, electrical engineering & IT. More information about apprenticeships at Ölz

Ölz also offers exciting trainee programmes!

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Ölz Jobrad-Aktion

Jobrad campaign

The employees Ölz Meisterbäcker have been riding hard - since 2021 the family company has been successfully running the Jobrad cycling programme to support the health of its workers. This campaign unites two things that are close our heart: Health and sustainability - including on the way to work. 

This helps everyone do their bit for the environment - and for their own health. Everyone who gives up the car and decides to make their way to work by bike is also making a contribution to more environmentally friendly mobility by reducing CO2.

Around 150 Ölz employees throughout Austria have made use of the Jobrad scheme. During the campaign period, employees could get a grant and favourable financing to buy a bike. Our goal is to further increase the number of employees who choose to commute to work by bike.

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Ölz Meisterbäcker Logo-Gemälde

Award-winning family business

For more than 80 years - now in its third generation - family business Ölz der Meisterbäcker has been producing the finest baked goods and is proud of its successful history.  Many years of loyalty to the company by many of our employees strengthens us in everything we do.

Best family company“ - Ölz der Meisterbäcker was awarded this title in 2010 by WirtschaftBlatt magazine. “Austria’s economy is shaped by many successful family companies and we are proud to be one of the top examples of this and to be a role model for other companies in regards to economic efficiency, sustainability and social commitment, said Bernhard Ölz, Managing Director of the company upon accepted the award from WirtschaftsBlatt.

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OELZ Ich-geh-mit-Tag

“Bring your child to work day”

Our “bring you child to work day” was an opportunity for the children of our employees to join their parents for a day and find out about their work. At the same time, the children learn about the company Ölz der Meisterbäcker.

It is certainly exciting for the children to see what their mums and dads do all day at work. We are pleased to see so many young people taking part each year for our “bring your child to work day”.

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Ölz Mitarbeiter:innen Befragung

Employee survey

Alongside direct dialogue, we offer our employees a survey platform, using which all members of the Ölz team can help actively shape the workplace. These regular surveys help us to make continuous improvement.

Issues relating to working hours, work load, layout of the workplace, interdisciplinary collaboration, further training & company communication make up key elements of the surveys and provide an opportunity to look at employees’ individual needs. 

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Ölz Meisterbäcker Gesundheit-Arbeitssicherheit

Health and safety in the workplace

Together with our medical officer, we implement a range of measures in the area of health to ensure that the working environment is optimally adapted to individual needs. This includes everything from workplace inspections to health campaigns such as hearing & sight tests.

in the area of safety, we have safety officers on site every day who are focussed on prevention. The aim here is to sensitise employees to issues of workplace safety so that everyone gets home safely and in good health. Regular visits to work areas are part of this role along with special project-related accident-prevention measures. 

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Ölz Meisterbäcker Laufteam

Fit & Healthy

The physical and mental health of our employees is of utmost importance! This just as much includes exercise as it does ergonomic optimisation of the work station. It is for this reason that Ölz der Meisterbäcker has a Fit & Healthy programme.

After 2020, the Austrian Health Insurance Fund has again awarded the company Ölz der Meisterbäcker the BGF seal of approval for the period 2023 to 2025 for workplace health promotion. "Every company is only as healthy as its employees are," says Florian Ölz, Owner & Managing Director.

Each year we focus on a particular theme and organise sporting activities such as the 3-Länder Marathon, collaborations with gyms, or cycling competitions. Yoga has also been a regular feature. 

Furthermore, we are working on various workstation-specific campaigns. This includes things such as height-adjustable desks in administration as well as training sessions with a physiotherapist on how to properly lift & carry items in the production facilities.

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 Healthy Snack at Ölz

Healthy snacks

In our canteens, employees enjoy excellently prepared dishes such as fresh salads and home-made muesli. We provide a variety of lunch options, including vegetarian dishes. We also provide fruit as a healthy snack throughout the day. 

Delicious toast and sandwich recipes

Quick and easy to make. Try them out and experience your own #oelzmomentofenjoyment.