Ölz Butter Plait with Honey in the Bakery
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100% real bee honey

Small bee, big difference - Ölz the master baker bakes with bee honey

100% real bee honey

Connoisseurs can be sure with Ölz: Only real bee honey is used for the fine Ölz baked goods. With regard to the origin of the honey, a clear path is necessary - we therefore rely exclusively on bee honey from the EU! The honey is regularly checked by an independent institute - in addition to the standrad analyses of the suppliers. Real bee honey is used, for example, in the Ölz Butter Zopf with honey and also in the Ölz Mohn Stollen in the poppy seed filling. The ingredient honey, which we have the bees to thank for, finely rounds off the taste of the baked goods.

Ölz Butter Plait with Honey

The best recipes and raw materials are the basic prerequisites for high-quality baked goods. Conscious handling of the various raw materials is therefore an important concern for us Ölz Meisterbäckern. For the baked goods, for example, we use 100 % FAIRTRADE-certified cocoa, Alpine butter and fresh Alpine milk from Austria. In 2022, Ölz der Meisterbäcker switched from barn eggs to eggs from controlled free-range systems. This makes Ölz der Meisterbäcker the first European bakery brand to rely exclusively on eggs from controlled free-range systems. Raw material decisions like these, as well as the conscious use of real bee honey, are part of Ölz's comprehensive sustainability strategy.