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Often good for longer

Food is often edible even after the best before date has passed. Ölz der Meisterbäcker therefore supports the “often good for longer” initiative from Too Good To Go.

Making use of all our senses

Oft Laenger Gut
Enjoying and assessing food with all senses is an important step towards reducing food waste. Because our products are a pleasure right down to the last bite, we are pleased to be supporting the “often good for longer” initiative from the start.
1. Look - how does the product look?
2. Smell - does it have a noticeable odour?
3. Taste - does it taste like it should?

Super Soft Sandwich 750g - Too Good to To
The first product in our range to feature the “often good for longer” logo is the Ölz Super Soft Sandwich 750g . It can be found next to the best before date. It encourages customers to “look, smell and taste”. Everyone can use this simple procedure to make responsible use of food and contribute to reducing food waste.
Too Good to Go Sandwich
Baked products are exceptionally prone to be wasted. The Ölz brand offers consumers great benefits thanks to a longer storage life, e.g. Ölz ToastÖlz SandwichesÖlz Milch Brötle - containing no preservatives as standard.
Alongside the packaging with its important protective and preservation function, the highest hygiene standards in our bakeries also play a huge role: We work using the concept of clean room technology. Specially developed filtration systems ensure an exceptionally clean atmosphere. After baking and during the cooling phase, products have filtered air circulated around them and are packaged in a low-germ environment. This allows us, as manufacturer, to guarantee a storage life of at least 14 days. However, thanks to our packaging, an unopened product will stay good far beyond this period.

Did you know?

One third of all food produced worldwide goes to waste. In the EU, around 10% of food waste results from a misunderstanding of best before dates. Ölz der Meisterbäcker is one of the first Austrian food producers to support the “often good for longer” initiative. THANKS for joining in - for looking, smelling and tasting. More information can be found at