Kakaobäuerin Victorienne Fle
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100% Fairtrade-certified cocoa

A recipe for fairness: As the number-one baked goods brand we, the master bakers at Ölz, insist on 100% Fairtrade-certified cocoa.

Victorienne Fle FAIRTRADE Kakaobäuerin

After all, "baking with love" includes showing respect to the people who make it possible for us to make such delicious chocolatey goodies. Like cocoa farmer Victorienne Fle from Ivory Coast, for example. Ölz is the world's number-one FAIRTRADE baked goods producer, ensuring that our entire cocoa supply comes from fairly traded sources.

We are the # 1 baked goods brand and we are switching to 100% FAIRTRADE cocoa, setting the standard for the world

(Florian Ölz, managing director and co-owner)

Natural and local

Milch Brötle Schoko mit FAIRTRADE Kakao

Two of the factors we look at when selecting our top-quality ingredients are how natural and how local those ingredients are. We make sure our raw ingredients (for example flour, Alpine butter, fresh Alpine milk) come from sustainable local sources. Fairtrade offers us the possibility of sourcing sustainable ingredients, even if they are not local. Fairtrade cocoa represents a number of social, economic and environmental standards verified by an independent body.

FAIRTRADE means a minimum price guarantee and the Fairtrade premium


When we buy FAIRTRADE cocoa we are supporting farming cooperatives. Cocoa farmers like Victorienne Fle (from Ivory Coast) benefit from a fair minimum price for their cocoa. Plus, the cocoa farmers receive the FAIRTRADE premium to help them achieve their goals in local infrastructure (e.g. hospitals or pharmacies), educational (e.g. building schools) or social projects.


Why FAIRTRADE? #becauseitisimportanttome

FAIRTRADE Kakaobauer

For us, the master bakers at Ölz, corporate social responsibility means acting in a responsible way in our everyday lives, as part of our long-term sustainability strategy – because it's important to us. Thanks to Fairtrade, the cocoa cooperatives in the countries where the cocoa is grown receive fairer minimum prices as well as a premium so that the people involved can lead a better life and importantly, a life in which they are in control. Fairtrade means ingredients grown and traded fairly. That's why we have made the conscious decision to choose FAIRTRADE as our partner.

Environmental, economic and social standards are guaranteed at the product source. The certification body FLOCERT ensures additional checks on these standards. The families of the cocoa farmers and their farms are regularly inspected by independent experts in order also to ensure the quality of the certified cocoa. These regular inspections ensure better and more consistent quality over the long term, as well as higher social standards and humane working conditions. For us master bakers at Ölz, fairness is the basis of a good partnership and a good partnership is what we aim to achieve with all of our suppliers. Fair, sustainable trade is simply a part of that. We only buy FAIRTRADE-certified cocoa for our products.


Florian Ölz mit FAIRTRADE

"We were convinced by the values and standards that FAIRTRADE fundamentally stands for. We are very pleased to be a part of the FAIRTRADE family."

(Florian Ölz, managing director and co-owner)

Changing trade with FAIRTRADE


For each of us, consciously choosing to buy products with the Fairtrade label contributes to improving living conditions and strengthens the families of small farmers and their communities. People who enjoy Ölz value the fine flavour of Ölz Chocolate Milk Rolls, Ölz Marble Cake or the Ölz Schulmaus, for example. They also value knowing that the ingredients have come from sustainable sources. That way those Ölz Milk Rolls, Ölz Gugelhupf and all the other delicious chocolate treats taste twice as good.

Ölz's partnership with Fairtrade and the cocoa farmers in the global South is a sustainable investment in responsible environmental action and the protection of our natural resources. Find out more about FAIRTRADE at www.fairtrade.at.