Kakaobäuerin Victorienne Fle
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100% FAIRTRADE certified cocoa

Our recipe for success is fairness: we use 100% FAIRTRADE certified cocoa.
Because "baking with love" also means respecting the people who make delicious chocolate enjoyment possible for us in the first place. For FAIRTRADE, we Ölz Meisterbäcker are the 1st bakery manufacturer in the world to cover the entire demand with fairly traded cocoa.

Naturalness & regionalism

Milch Brötle Schoko mit FAIRTRADE Kakao

Naturalness & regionalism are two elementary factors for us when choosing our high-quality ingredients. When selecting raw materials, we pay attention to ensures a sustainable, regional origin, e.g. for our flour and fresh Alpine milk. FAIRTRADE ensures sustainability of the non-regional ingredient cocoa. FAIRTRADE-certified cocoa stands for a range of social, economic and ecological standards that are checked by independent inspectors.

Minimum price guarantee & FAIRTRADE grants


By using FAIRTRADE cocoa, we are helping small cooperative farms. Cocoa farmers such as Victorienne Fle benefit from receiving a fair minimum price for their cocoa. Cocoa farmers also receive the FAIRTRADE grant to help realise social and infrastructure projects (e.g. hospitals and pharmacies) or provide education by building schools.  This forms the basis for the sustainable development of society as a whole in the areas where the raw materials are grown.

Why FAIRTRADE? #becauseitsimportanttome

FAIRTRADE Kakaobauer

At Ölz der Meisterbäcker we are actively committed to social responsibility as part of our long-term sustainability strategy - because this is something which is important to us. Thanks to FAIRTRADE, cocoa cooperatives in the growing countries receive fair minimum prices and an additional grant to support building a better life with self determination. FAIRTRADE stands for fairly grown and fairly traded raw materials. This is why we have intentionally chosen FAIRTRADE as a partner.

Ecological, economic, and social standards in the countries of origin are guaranteed. Additional checks on these standards are carried out by certification provider FLOCERT. The cocoa growing families and their land are regularly checked by independent experts in order to ensure the quality of the certifies cocoa. These regular inspections ensure better, consistent quality in the long-term as well as higher social standards and appropriate working conditions. For us at Ölz der Meisterbäcker, Fairness is the basis of a good partnership and is something we maintain with our long-term partners. Fairer, more sustainable trade is a core element of this. We buy exclusively FAIRTRADE certified cocoa for our baked products.

We strongly believe in the values and starts for which FAIRTRADE has stood since its inception. We are pleased to be a part of the FAIRTRADE family.

Mag. Florian Ölz
Managing Director and Co-Owner

Better trade through FAIRTRADE


Every time we decide to purchase products with the FAIRTRADE seal, we are contributing to improving the living conditions and strengthening small growing families as well their communities. Ölz’ customers appreciate the fine taste of products such as Ölz Milch Brötle Schoko, Ölz Marmor KuchenÖlz Schulmaus. They also place great value on the use of sustainable raw materials. These make our baked products taste even better.

The partnership of Ölz der Meisterbäcker with FAIRTRADE and cocoa farmers in the southern hemisphere represents a sustainable and conscientious investment in our environment as well as in protecting our natural resources. More about FAIRTRADE.

Moving acquaintance with cocoa farmer Fle Victorienne, Ivory Coast

Ölz the Master Baker visits cocoa farmer Fle Victorienne

The FAIRTRADE partnership, which has existed since 2021, has developed into a special collaboration. From the very beginning, Fle Victorienne from the Ivory Coast has accompanied Ölz der Meisterbäcker on its joint path with FAIRTRADE on behalf of many cocoa farmers. What started with a photo for the launch of the cooperation between Ölz and FAIRTRADE has been intensified by getting to know each other personally. The visit with FAIRTRADE Austria in autumn 2022 to Fle Victorienne's hometown made it clear that the real needs of the people can only be seen, experienced and understood on site.

Es war uns ein Anliegen, Fle persönlich kennenzulernen. Hinter allen Produkten stehen Menschen.  Jeder einzelne Ölz Mitarbeitende genauso wie z.B. die Kakaobäuer:innen ganz am Beginn der Rohstoffkette.

Doris Wendel

Agricultural equipment instead of manual labour

Women in the field harvesting cocoa

On site, Matthias Krebs (Head of Purchasing) and Doris Wendel (responsible for the Ölz sustainability agendas)) met many remarkable women who work the fields with their children on their backs. A visibly physically strenuous manual labour.
In conversation with the local women, the desire for technical assistance was mentioned again and again.

Handover of the plough to support field work

Following the trip, a motorised plough was donated by Ölz the Master Baker to support the field work. This plough is not only a plough, but much more: it ensures the children's school education, fresh vegetables for cooking and an additional source of income through the sale of the surplus production. The plough enables help for self-help and autonomy.

Florian Ölz for FAIRTRADE



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