Ölz Meisterbäcker Milchbrötle mit Alpenfrischmilch
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Fresh Alpine milk from Austria!

At Ölz der Meisterbäcker we a proud of the craftsmanship of our products. That why for our Ölz Milch Brötle we use only the highest quality ingredients such as fresh Alpine milk from Austria. Fresh milk is an original raw material and a true mark of quality. It is used to refine the flavour and makes our Ölz Milch Brötle so extremely uniquely fluffy and delicate. 
The regionality of ingredients also plays a role. Fresh Alpine butter from Austria means that the milk used for the production of the butter comes exclusively from cows in the Austrian Alpine region. This region is precisely defined and predominantly characterised by small-scale farming structures.
Ölz Meisterbäcker Frisch Alpenmilch aus Österreich
Milk powder is commonly used in the production of bakery and confectionery products. Whereas milk powder is easy to process and can be stored and transported in much the same way as flour, baking with fresh milk requires particular skills and prerequisites. For example, fresh milk requires a high level of hygiene and good storage conditions.
For this reason, Ölz der Meisterbäcker has invested in its own cooling system and cold storage rooms so that fresh milk can be used in the production of items such as Ölz Milch Brötle. We have basically set up our own little dairy for processing the fresh Alpine milk. This preserves all of the valuable nutrients contained in the milk.
The benefits of using fresh Alpine milk can be tasted in our Ölz Milch Brötle product.