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We build on a truly closed-off packaging cycle as part of our mission to take our responsibility for the environment seriously. Our packaging is not just a wrapper for delicious treat. Instead it is an integral part of our declared commitment to protecting the environment and sustainable practices.



Food packaging

Which are the best packaging forms to protect our baked goods? What can we do with the empty packaging
And what does this have to do with sustainability
A whole lot ...

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ARA – the packaging cycle

In cooperation with ARA (Altstoff Recycling Austria), the separate collection, recycling and disposal of packaging waste is implemented by the ARA system. Together with ARA, Ölz der Meisterbäcker wants to raise awareness for ‘packaging’ as a resource.

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Our responsibility

As a company that feels committed to tradition and quality, we actively endorse sustainable practices, especially in the areas of environmental protection and packaging. Our aim is not merely to offer first-class products, but also to reduce plastic waste, to optimise packaging materialsand therefore to contribute to protecting the environment.

  • Environmental protection

Truly sustainable

Sustainable practices are firmly anchored in our corporate values, as is the mindful use of resources. We take responsibility in the areas of business, environment and society far beyond the legal requirements.