Alpenbutter aus Österreich
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Fresh Alpine butter from Austria

Ölz Butter Plait with Honey in the Bakery

Quality & tradition from Austria – so that it tastes even better! ​

Our most popular classic bakes include the fine Ölz Butter Toast, the Ölz Butter Bread Plait and the Ölz Mini Butter Croissants – just to name a few of our favourites. Why do these pastries taste so good? That’s because of the fresh Alpine butter from Austria.

Ölz master bakers bake with love – that's why we rely on high quality ingredients! Fresh butter is an original raw material and a true mark of quality for our Ölz Butter Toast and the Ölz Butter Bread Plait. Butter refines the taste and makes these baked goods so uniquely fluffy and soft.

Where exactly do we get the fresh Alpine butter in Austria?

The quality of the products is based on the origin as well as the freshness due to the short delivery routes. With Alpine butter from Austria, we can rely, among other things, directly on the cows of the dairies in the immediate vicinity – namely the beautiful Bregenz Forest. Around one third of the total amount of Alpine butter used comes from the Bregenz Forest. Lush meadows provide the best fodder for the cows, which is reflected the fine taste of Austrian Alpine butter. 

Florian Ölz

We use the valuable quality product Alpine butter and thus contribute to strengthening our region!

Mag. Florian Ölz
Managing Director and Co-Owner

Fresh Alpine butter from Austria means that the milk used for the production of the butter comes exclusively from cows in the Austrian Alpine region . This region is precisely defined and predominantly characterised by small-scale farming structures. The total fat content of butter is fixed by law and is at least 82%. The quality of all the raw materials we use is regularly monitored within the company. Our company has been certified to the highest IFS standard since 2004.