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START – Youth Programme

Since 2009, START Vorarlberg has been supporting young people with a migrant background through a special scholarship programme to help them complete university entrance qualifications. Ölz der Meisterbäcker has been a sponsor of the Vorarlberg scholarship programme for young people with a migrant background since day one

“We are delighted to lend our support to the START project. Providing help to young talent, regardless of where they come from, is of great importance to us. Ultimately, committed and well educated employees are what businesses need to succeed. Our country needs educated young people in order to secure our future”, explains Daniela Kapelari-Langebner, Director of Marketing, Sales & Human Resources.

We act sustainably

From our employees to the cooperation with our stakeholders and organisations – we accept our sustainable social responsibility out of love for our fellow humans.

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Team Österreich Tafel Red Cross
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We embrace diversity
betr. Gesundheitsförderung
Health promotion at the workplace
Ölz Meisterbäcker Lehrlinge im Labor
Ölz Meisterbäcker Gesundheit-Arbeitssicherheit
Health and safety at the workplace
Award-winning family business
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SPAR sets an example
Carinthia Children’s Cancer Support
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"Netz für Kinder"
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Partnership with Caritas Österreich
Partnerschaftliche Beziehungen
Fair partnerships
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PIA – prevention, counselling and therapy in cases of sexual violence
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SOMA – Sozialmärkte Österreich