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Responsibility for our consumers, customers and suppliers


Donation to Caritas

We already have a long-standing partnership with Caritas and are very pleased that we were are able to donate EUR 20,000 this year too! Especially in the times of the Covid-19 pandemic, it is of great concern to us to support children as they grow up.

With our donation, we are enabling the purchase of desks, chairs and furniture for the children in the Dornbirn Learning Café and for the young mothers in the Caritas Mother&Child House in Feldkirch, as well as supporting the cooking and nutrition project.

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Donation to Netz für Kinder

For three months, Spar customers had the opportunity to support the aid organisation “Netz für Kinder” by buying selected Ölz products. A total of EUR 10,347 was raised. This is the fifth time now that such a campaign has taken place. The money can be used to give children in difficult circumstances a little normality.

OELZ B.Ölz, D. Kapelari-Langebner Start-Programm

START Programme

Since 2009 START-Vorarlberg has been supporting young people from migrant backgrounds through to their school leaving examinations in a special scholarship programme. The Vorarlberg initiative was initiated by the Piz Buin Foundation and is already supported by 28 sponsors, companies, private individuals and organisations.

Ölz has been involved right from the start as a sponsor of the Vorarlberg scholarship programme for selected young people from migrant backgrounds. "We are very pleased to be supporting the START project. Encouraging young talent, wherever it may come from, is very important to us. After all, good, motivated employees are the most important factor in the success of our company. We need educated young people in our country in order to secure our future," explains Daniela Kapelari-Langebner, Managing Director of Marketing and Sales.

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SOMA - social supermarkets

Food is precious and in our society it is far too frequently thrown away without even thinking about it. Ölz is Austria's most popular brand of baked goods and is working actively against this needless waste. Every day we take products which have to be discarded from food retail outlets and make them available directly to SOMA social supermarkets.

This collaboration with the SOMA supermarkets gives our Ölz products a second chance at life! After all, there's no need to waste food and throw it in the bin just because it no longer looks its best due to damage in storage or to breakage, or because it goes out of date tomorrow.

This is how Ölz is 100% behind the SOMA Austria motto "helfen statt entsorgen" (help, not waste). SOMA Österreich & Partner is an umbrella organisation which supports all the social supermarkets working in accordance with the SOMA principles and statutes.With the motto "helfen statt entsorgen" (help, not waste) SOMA Austria supports fellow citizens who are unable to share the benefits of our prosperity.The aim is to make the day-to-day their lives easier and to provide them with food.

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Ölz Meisterbäcker PIA

PIA - prevention, advice and therapy for victims of sexual violence

Many years ago Ölz, in collaboration with SPAR Oberösterreich, began selling goods in support of the association PIA. In all branches of SPAR in Upper Austria the profits from the sale of a selection of Ölz baked goods goes to PIA.

The association PIA – prevention, advice and therapy for victims of sexual violence – helps victims of sexual violence and their friends and family members by providing therapy and advice.

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OELZ Kärntner Kinder-Krebshilfe

Kinderkrebshilfe Kärnten (children's cancer charity)

Ölz products are sold in aid of a good cause as part of the annual joint campaign by Ölz and SPAR Carinthia and Eastern Tyrol. As a customer it's really easy to help: when you buy certain Ölz products, 10 cents go directly to Kinderkrebshilfe in Carinthia.

A cancer diagnosis in children and young people cuts deeply into the lives of the children affected and their families. Kinderkrebshilfe provides direct help, counselling and advice to families who find themselves in financial straits and difficulties due to cancer affecting a child.With the aid of private donations, the charity helps to fund facilities suitable for children, development, education and training activities and research projects.

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OELZ Rettet das Kind Salzburg

Rettet das Kind (children's charity)

Rettet das Kind is an independent Austrian children's charity which is active in promoting the rights of children and the rights of people with learning disabilities and multiple disabilities. Ölz contributes here, too, with donations from sales promotions.

The objective is to provide support to people with disabilities, children and young people and their families and to protect them from poverty, exclusion, isolation, violence, neglect and an inability to cope in our society.

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Ölz Meisterbäcker Tischlein Deck Dich Logo

Tischlein Deck Dich (waste food redistribution)

Distribution not destruction, that is the guiding principle of TISCHLEIN DECK DICH VORARLBERG - the name comes from the fairytale "The Wishing Table". As a food producer we are able to support this vision 100%. Ölz products which have been damaged in transit, are left over as a result of overproduction and short dated products are donated to the association. This then provides support to people in need, supplying food of perfect quality which can no longer be sold in the shops.

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