free range chickens
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Free-range eggs

Because good quality simply tastes better. Really good baked goods need really good ingredients. As well as flour and butter, the most important of these are of course eggs. This makes Ölz der Meisterbäcker the first international baked goods brand from Austria to guarantee the use of free-range eggs!

Florian Ölz

Eggs are a substantial and important quality ingredient in our baked goods. When we think about eggs, what's important for us, as part of our corporate social responsibility, is how the animals are kept and their welfare.

Florian Ölz
Managing Director, Co-Owner

Here at Ölz, we have decided to make the move to using certified free-range eggs - a responsible next step in improving animal welfare standards.

We already bake over 90% of our products using certified free-range eggs. Our goal is that by 2024 we will be using only free-range.

What does "certified" actually mean?
The independent inspection body agroVet inspects farms and ensures that animals are kept appropriately, as well as guaranteeing EU origin.

Certified free-range

Free-range eggs

The way the hens are kept makes all the difference when it comes to the well-being of the birds. Free-range hens have at least four square meters of outdoor run per bird during the day, in addition to a henhouse equipped with scratch area, perches, nests and floor litter. This means that the chickens have the opportunity to behave naturally, are able to move around and get natural sunlight and fresh air. At Ölz, these standards are guaranteed externally by the certification body AgroVet.

Certified origin

free range chickens

As well as certifying the farming method, AgroVet also certifies the geographical origin of all the free-range eggs used at Ölz der Meisterbäcker. This traceability guarantees that the 25 million eggs we process each year come only from the EU and some of these from Austria. The regional origin of our ingredients is very important to us. Wherever high-quality ingredients are available locally or regionally, we source them from as nearby as possible. Examples include our Austrian milk from the Alps, Austrian Alpine butter or locally produced flour. We also live up to this standard when it comes to eggs.

Independent certification body

certification body AgroVet

Strict compliance with free-range husbandry and traceability is continuously monitored by recognized institutions, such as independent certification body AgroVet. Speaking of inspection and monitoring, at Ölz der Meisterbäcker nothing is left to chance. All ingredients are precisely tested from the first step, throughout the entire production process and on to the finished product. Ölz Quality Management is constantly working to raise standards even further. And this is also something which our external auditors note and appreciate. It's not for nothing that the whole of Ölz der Meisterbäcker has been awarded the highest IFS certification (IFS stands for International Food Standard).


Free-range eggs for even more love in every bite!


Free-range eggs at Ölz

We here at Ölz der Meisterbäcker took a pioneering role and switched to using barn eggs over ten years ago. Now, this Austrian family business is going one step further and baking with free-range eggs only from now on.