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Social responsibility

Rudolf Ölz Meisterbäcker GmbH & Co KG is an Austrian family company producing and marketing the highest quality baked goods for the Austrian and European market. At the heart of this there stands a long-term, sustainable and values-driven company strategy:

We Ölz master bakers want to use the resources of our Earth responsibly. Every individual person, and we as a company in particular, can contribute. We act proactively because it is our responsibility how we leave the environment to the next generation.

Bernhard & Florian Ölz Owners & Managing Directors

Sustainability is close to our hearts.
For over 80 years – now in the third generation – our family business Ölz der
Meisterbäcker has been producing high quality baked goods for the Austrian
and European market. The focus here is on a long-term and value-oriented
corporate strategy. Sustainable practices are firmly anchored in our corporate
values, as is the mindful use of resources. This is how we lead our family
business safely and responsibly into future generations.

Sustainability shapes our business.
We take responsibility in the areas of environment, society and economy far
beyond the legal requirements. The Ölz sustainability concept is based on four

Responsibility for our products
Responsibility for our employees
Responsibility for our customers & suppliers
Responsibility for our environment


The results & impact of a forward-looking course of action:
Small things change the world.


Responsibility for our consumers, customers and suppliers

Corporate social responsibility is an important component of what we do. The Ölz CSR Team makes sure that it is a part of our reality both within the company and further afield through collaboration with our

Ölz Butter Zopf mit Honig

Responsibility for our products

The best recipes and best ingredients are fundamental to our success. So it's important to us to handle our ingredients consciously. This includes: using only barn eggs, employing cleanroom technology to enable us to avoid using preservatives and being a member of the RSPO.

Ölz Meisterbäcker Mitarbeiter

Responsibility for our staff

Employees are the engine that drives every company and so we absolutely need to support our staff members with lots of campaigns such as family and sports programmes, health measures, training opportunities, a balanced diet and regular meetings.


Responsibility for our environment

Conserving resources and treating the environment with respect is a matter of personal concern to us and is practised daily by the Ölz Energy Management Team. The "klimaaktiv" award of the Republic of Austria encourages us to do this.


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